Bir Sayfa Seçin

Main features

  • Wavelength detection from UV to NIR
  • Suitable for CW and pulsed laser light
  • High sensitivity to laser radiation – 0,1 mW/mm2
  • The damage threshold for pulsed laser – 1 J/cm2, 10 ns
  • Both sides are active


Application examples

  • Laser alignment
  • Research



Laser beam visualizers are designed to detect UV and IR both CW and pulsed laser light radiation.

These visualizers are fabricated from aluminum with an organic polycrystal photosensitive region, which enables easy location of UV-VIS-NIR light beams and focal points. As it is not necessary to charge the active region both CW and pulsed laser light will be detected even in darkened room conditions.

Advices how to properly store and use UV-NIR laser beam visualizers:

  • Do not open box and sealed package until the contents are at the room temperature to prevent moisture condensation. 
  • Unpack, inspect and use item in room with controlled atmosphere with relative humidity (RH) of <60% 
  • Please use powder-free gloves for handling optically relevant surface and please avoid any direct contacting with any other material, water, grease etc. 
  • Operating and storage temperature: +15℃ ~ to 35℃ 
  • Operating and storage humidity (RH): 5% to 60% – please store UV-NIR laser beam visualizers in desiccators or in a container with a minimum gas volume.

Product lifetime: 12 months


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