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InnoLas Laser’s dual cavity lasers in a single monolithic housing are a perfect tool for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). Our specially designed SpitLight PIV series lasers provide double pulses in the VIS, perfectly controlled in time and space – exact in temporal delay as well as spatial overlap.
SpitLight PIV lasers emit q-switched double pulses with variable delay times and total energies from 100 mJ to 1000 mJ at a wavelength of 532 nm. The specially designed flat top beam profile in combination with the perfected spatial overlap of the double pulses ensures a uniform sample illumination. InnoLas follows an economic “Single Rail” and an high-end “Double Rail” approach. The SpitLight PIV is available in high energy lamp-pumped and high repetition DPSS versions.

DPSS Multi-Pulse Lasers 

InnoLas DPSS Lasers combine high peak energies in a compact and rugged housing. The double rail DPSS housing archives 2 x 130mJ at 532nm and 100Hz for each rail. Double pulses are also available.

Lamp Pumped Multi-Pulse Lasers 

Lamp pumped Laser archive very high peak energies and can extract up to 20 pulses per flash lamp cycle. Each laser of this series is available for single or double rail.