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Fit and Cronos

Many applications  do not require “long term” power monitoring, but it is sufficient to have readings in a snapshot just to monitor if the power level is ok, as there is no necessity to measure over an extended period of time the laser power stability; moreover, many times water is not available on the laser machines, so service operations are easier if the measurement instrument do not require water cooling: that’s the world for a different class of instruments known as “Power Probes”. These instruments are stand-alone meters made of a thermal probe connected to an electronics with its display. In general, instruments of this type are thermometers that measure a temperature difference in a fixed time and have a simple digital display. FIT and CRONOS have been ergonomically designed in all their details, such as the LCD display and the balance of weights, to provide a comfortable and safe operation.

LaserPoint has introduced a real breakthrough in the field with two series of fully automatic laser power probes that calculate laser power by a microprocessor based measurement of temperature dynamics. Their measurement and acquisition technique self-determines the time needed to carry out a measurement: data acquisition is triggered and stopped by detecting set heat parameters thresholds. The absorbers feature low reflections and high damage thresholds; in particular the hi-power, multi kilowatt CRONOS have a concave conical shape to avoid dangerous back-reflections toward the operator.


Fit Series

Fully automatic, low/medium power probe series
3 models cover from 500mW to 500W.
dual wavelength (CO2 and Yag) ,
±1% repeatability
±3% accuracy
10 mW resolution on 50W probe
Recalibration possible by User


Cronos Series

Fully automatic, high power probe series
3 models cover from 1.5W to 10kW
dual wavelength (CO2 and Yag) ,
±2% repeatability (±5% for 5 and 10KW models)
±4% accuracy
1W resolution on 10KW probe
Recalibration possible by User