Bir Sayfa Seçin

Active Q-Switch sub-nanosecond pulses with up to 1 J Pulse energy

The patented resonator design of the picolo family enables sub-nanosecond pulse width generation down to 500 picoseconds. Both high repetition rate up to 100 kHz and high energy up to 1 Joule pulse energy are available. This covers a broad range of peak powers usually accessible only by expensive mode-locked lasers. Taking the monolithic mechanical design and using many standard components from the long term evaluated SpitLight series leads to great stability and high flexibility for customized solutions.


picolo / picolo MOPA

* high repetition rates
* up to 320 kW peak power
* 1064nm to 266 nm



* up to 1 Joule pulse energy
* peak power of 2 Gigawatt
* monolithic housing



* up to 30W average power, up to 1kHz
* full DPSS amplifier, > 2 billion shot lifetime
* monolithic housing