Bir Sayfa Seçin

Main features

  • Industrial ultra-stable mechanical design
  • Locking allen-key adjusters
  • Extra stiffness for stability
  • Reduced mounting stress
  • High beam pointing stability
  • Custom mount configurations and designs available


Application examples

  • Precision optics mounting
  • Optical systems working at hard environmental conditions
  • Ultrafast femtosecond laser beam guiding
  • Beam delivery systems


GENs optics holder series are specially designed for advanced applications requiring stringent long-term alignment stability. 4Lasers offer low wavefront distortion optics mounts for standard 12,7 mm, 19,05 mm, 25,4 mm, 38,1 mm and 50,8 mm diameter optical elements. These holders can provide long-term pointing stability while minimizing optic surface distortion introduced by the mount. An extensive testing guarantees less than 3 µrad deviation after temperature cycling. Passivated Surface makes GENs optic holders suitable for Vacuum and High-Power Laser Cavity Applications.

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