Bir Sayfa Seçin

Demanding applications require process optimized laser parameters. With the lasers of the nanio series we offer you the opportunity to choose laser parameters, design and software best suitable for your application. Whether supply lines up to 20 meters long, rectangular connectors on the laser head, beam expanders with scan head adapters or an external pulse picker AOM, the nanio series offers a variety of solutions for your application.


With pulsewidths as short as 15ns and pulse energies up to 1000μJ, the BLIZZ is the perfect tool for today’s demanding applications that require high output power, excellent beam quality and superior pulse-to-pulse stability even at high repetition rates.


BLIZZ AIR lasers combine excellent performance with lowest cost-of-ownership in an air-cooled design. Output powers up to 30W and pulse widths below 25ns enable new high-tech applications with unprecedented reliability.

NANIO Series   

The modular design of the nanio series lasers simplifies servicing and minimizes downtime. Every field replaceable component can be exchanged within minutes without dismounting the laser head. So the beam path in your machine remains aligned.


NANIO AIR lasers combine vibration free air cooling with excellent TEM00 beam quality, output powers up to 16W and pulse widths below 10ns. This minimizes undesirable thermal damage of the material and enables consistent and reliable scribing results.

mosquitoo X  

Pulse energies as high as 200µJ and peak powers up to 20kW make the mosquitoo X the perfect tool for today’s demanding applications in 24/7 use. Superior pulse-to-pulse stabilities, very high repetition rates and an extremely competitive pricing are the key facts to high throughput at minimal costs per part.