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HSM is a High Speed Meter specifically developed to connect High Speed Sensor Blink HS to PC via Ethernet, to acquire and display data of laser pulse trains and perform statistics  on many laser parameters such as energy, power, repetition rate, peak energy.

HSM is able to sample data with a sampling rate up to 500 Msamples/s to provide a precise energy measurement of each single ultrashort pulse up to 1 MHz repetition rate. It is suitable for ultrashort pulsed lasers down to femtosecond pulse duration.

HSM can work according to two different modes, the “Oscilloscope mode” allowing to display on the PC the acquired laser pulse train and the “In Time Parameters” where the user can monitor the behavior of many different parameters of the acquired laser pulse train such as the energy of each pulse, power, repetition rat and peak power. A user friendly Graphic User Interface (Blink-HS-GUI) is supplied with HSM to easily display data on PC using the two modes. External power supply for HSM is 12 V with 2 A maximum current. BlinkHS sensor is connected to HSM via a specific microwave cable supplied with the sensor. Measurement resolution of HSM (%, full scale) is 0.1% with measurement accuracy of +- 1%. Trigger IN and trigger OUT SMA connectors are available on the HSM front panel to allow triggering of HSM measurements from an external trigger source or to provide an internal  trigger signal respectively.

Ordering Code HSM-1000
Power Range 20 W
Resolution 0.1% of Full Scale
Energy Range 1 µJ – 10 mJ
Resolution 0.1 % of Full Scale
Pulse repetition rate Range 1 kHz – 1 MHz
Power Range N.A.
Resolution N.A.
Sensor Compatibility BLINK HS
Storage Temperature Range -20 / +70 °C
Operating Temperature Range +5 / +40 °C
Relative Humidity Range 20 / 80 %
PC connectivity Ethernet 100/1 G
Sensor Head connectivity Hirose IX – High Speed connector
Selectable Wavelengths Up to 16 wavelengths
Dimensions 182 L x 162 W x 57 H (mm)
Weight 740 g
Display N.A.
Battery N.A.
Battery charge time N.A.
Battery run time N.A.
Supplied battery charger 12V 24W AC/DC Power Supply
ADC sampling rate 500 Msamples/s
ADC resolution 14 bit
Analog Output N.A.
Analog Output Accuracy N.A.
a) For any Full Scale